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You Are My Strength by Spencer Roth

Song Information
  • Song Title: You Are My Strength
  • Album: You Are My Strength - Single
  • Artist: Spencer Roth
  • Released On: 17 Apr 2020
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

You Are My Strength Lyrics

Song Story: 

"In a weekly co-writing session, a friend came in with Psalm 91 & said “We need to write a song about this”. I didn’t know how badly I needed this song to be written until we wrote it. I also didn't know how badly the world would need this song to be written with the uncertain state we find ourselves in right now. "You Are My Strength" is straight from Psalm 91, a direct reminder from Scripture of who our God truly is."


Here beneath your shelter I can rest within your love

Deep inside your shadow I am safe

In the secret places is where You’re meeting me

When I’m with you I am not afraid


Though all around me fall

You set my feet to stand

You hold my every breath within your hand


Under your covering

You will hold onto me

Through the battle

Your arms carry me

My defender

You are my strength


When darkness overwhelms me and arrows fly by day

No matter what surrounds me I am safe


I know, I know

Victory is yours

I know, I know

Victory is sure

I know, I know, I know

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