Sovereign Grace Music - There Is One Reason Lyrics

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  • Song Title: There Is One Reason
  • Album: The Gathering: Live from WorshipGod11
  • Artist: Sovereign Grace Music
  • Released On: 15 Nov 2011
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Sovereign Grace Music There Is One Reason

There Is One Reason Lyrics

Verse 1
There is one reason why we're gathered here
Your love is causing us to sing
All of Your people through Your Son draw near
Sinners before their holy King
The church of God bought by blood

We love You, Father
God of all, our God forever
We praise You, Jesus
Christ our Lord, the Son, our Savior
We're here together
In Your Holy Spirit gathered for Your glory

Verse 2
There's a foundation that we're building on
Rooted in Jesus Christ alone
Ev'ry believer firmly fixed upon
Our everlasting cornerstone
The church of God built by love

One Body, one baptism
One hope to which we have been called
One faith, one Lord, one Spirit
One sovereign ruler over all

We love You, Father
We praise You, Jesus
We're here together
For Your glory

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