Sovereign Grace Music - How Vast The Love Lyrics

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  • Song Title: How Vast the Love
  • Album: The Glorious Christ (Live)
  • Artist: Sovereign Grace Music
  • Released On: 06 Dec 2019
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Sovereign Grace Music How Vast The Love

How Vast The Love Lyrics

Verse 1
Come gaze upon your Savior
Behold your great High Priest
Draw near in awe and wonder
His cross has spoken peace

Verse 2
Come rest from sin and striving
Find endless stores of grace
The heart that turns to Jesus
Is cleansed from every stain

Oh, how deep, how wide, how long
Oh, how vast the love of Jesus
Oh, how sure, how sweet, how strong
Oh, how vast His love for us

Verse 3
So lift your eyes to Jesus
Arise from doubt and shame
His blood cries, ‘It is finished!’
Our life is in His name

Verse 4
What now can separate us?
Can death or pain or fear?
We have this strong assurance
In Christ we’ve been brought near
And in His strength we’ll labor
His promises our hope
Thus far His love has led us!
His love will lead us home!

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