Sovereign Grace Music - The Final Word Is Christ Lyrics

The Final Word Is Christ Lyrics

Verse 1
Why should my doubts and questions rise
With every passing storm?
Why does my heart believe the lies
That God would do me harm?
To this madness and my unbelief
My God, you have replied:
"I've not spared my only Son from grief
For you, for you He died!"

Verse 2
How deep, how full, how sweet the word
That good shall come to pass
That every sorrow, sovereign Lord
Shall be transformed at last
My mind cannot perceive the end
Nor make sense of the means
But on Christ the Lord my soul depends
And on His promise leans

Verse 3
Take care, my soul, let praises rise
When God wills strife or peace
Forbid the unbelieving lies
That overlook His grace
Oh, sing again of Jesus Christ
His cruel and bitter cross
Come, give your all, pour out your life
Count everything as loss

Verse 4
Now, what shall come between us, Lord
And who can cut the ties
That You have made by shedding blood
With agonies and cries?
Shall humans, devils, powers here
Come take my source, my life?
Have peace, my soul, cast off your fears
The final word is Christ!

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