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Song Information
  • Song Title: Heaven Has Come to Us
  • Album: Heaven Has Come
  • Artist: Sovereign Grace Music
  • Released On: 30 Oct 2020
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Heaven Has Come To Us Lyrics

Verse 1

Unto us from on high

Reaching down into the deepest night

To the world hope has come

In the dark the Light of Life has dawned


What a mystery, oh what love

Oh how can it be that heaven has come to us

Verse 2

Unto us meek and mild

God eternal born a helpless child

Set aside heaven’s throne

Veiled in weakness came unto His own

Verse 3

Unto us grace has come

Here to seek and bring the sinner home

Lived to die, rose to reign

Son of Man the Lamb for sinners slain

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