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Good to Be Alive by Skillet

Song Information
  • Song Title: Good to Be Alive
  • Album: Rise
  • Artist: Skillet
  • Released On: 21 Jun 2013
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Good to Be Alive Lyrics

Verse 1
When all you've got are broken dreams
Just need a second chance
And everything you want to be
Gets taken from your hands

We hold on to each other
All we have is all we need
Cause one way or another
We always make it, you and me

This life can almost kill you
When you're trying to survive
It's good to be here with you

It's good to be alive
It's good to be alive
I was lost and I was gone
I was almost dead inside
You and me against the world
It's a beautiful night
It's good to be alive

Verse 2
Driving down this highway
Soaking up the sun
Got miles to go before we get home
And the journey's just begun

We hold on to each other
You are everything I need
You feel like forever
You're a second chance for me

It's a beautiful night
Yeah, it's alright
It's good to be alive

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