Ryan Stevenson - This Christmas Eve Lyrics

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  • Song Title: This Christmas Eve
  • Album: This Christmas Eve - Single
  • Artist: Ryan Stevenson
  • Released On: 17 Nov 2017
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Ryan Stevenson This Christmas Eve

This Christmas Eve Lyrics

I wake up in the morning, open up my shades
There's a winter wonderland outside
Like diamonds in the air, fresh blanket of flakes
Bringin' a sparkle to my eyes

Even though it's been cold
I know we can weather any storm
Let it fall, let it snow
There'll never be a place like home

It's Christmas eve
And nothin's under the tree
But I'm not blue
Cause I've got you, and baby You've got me
And this holiday
We're gonna be okay
We ain't got much
But baby we've got us, and that's all we need
This Christmas eve

Afternoon napping' by the fireplace
Yeah we're cuddled up nice and close
Gingerbread cookies on my grandmas plates
And the kids are watchin' Home Alone

Even though it's been cold
Our love is gonna keep us warm

We ain't got much
But what we've got is love

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