Revere + Thrive Worship - Glory Hallelujah Lyrics

Glory Hallelujah Lyrics

We can see the signs unfolding
They’re growing day by day
Each sign reveals the same thing
The time’s about to come

The Savior has been promised
O come behold His birth
He’s lying in a manger
God’s hope for all the earth

The Savior is here
Tell all the good news
Sing out with songs of joy
The anthem is true

Singing glory, glory
Glory Hallelujah
Praise forever
We will sing together

Al cielo alzo mis ojos
Veré a mi amado
Vendrá entre las nubes
Su promesa yo espero

Trompeta se oirá
Y la Iglesia se alzará
Mi alma cantará
Un himno a ti

Canto gloria gloria
Gloria Aleluya
Te alabamos
Juntos para siempre

I can only imagine
How it will be 
Glory Hallelujah

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