Pillar - One Thing Lyrics

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  • Song Title: One Thing
  • Album: Where Do We Go from Here
  • Artist: Pillar
  • Released On: 10 Jul 2007
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Pillar One Thing

One Thing Lyrics

Sometimes, our minds can make us believe and teach us to see
That there's nothing there, we fool ourselves knowing we're wrong
When we follow along
We've misunderstood what we meant for good

There is one thing you've been meaning
To talk about but don't know what to say
And that one thing that you're feeling
Chances are that someone feels the same way
As the one thing you've been meaning
To bury and then hope it goes away
And that one thing that you're feeling
Doesn't mean you have to go away

I don't know if you realize that you're not alone
Can you let me know?
But there is someone out there for you that is going through the same as you

Why can't we see that there's nothing that we'll have to face?
Or something will happen, where we can't turn back
And we will be stuck right here on our own

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