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The Battle is Yours by Paul Wilbur

Song Information
  • Song Title: The Battle Is Yours
  • Album: We Call Your Name - EP
  • Artist: Paul Wilbur
  • Released On: 16 Apr 2021
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

The Battle is Yours Lyrics


From the struggle, there will come triumph For you are strong in my weakness

Out of pain, I see rejoicing

For you rise out of brokenness

For you rise out of brokenness


I will dance in the midst of the fire

I will sing in the eye of the storm

I will shout you are faithful forever

The victory is mine, ‘cause the battle is yours


From the valley, there will come breakthrough Hope will rise with our praises

Out of trials you bring redemption (maybe lift) For you give beauty for ashes

For you give beauty for ashes


Give thanks to the Lord, He’s good, He’s good HO-du - La-DOnai - KI - tov

The Battle Is Yours (Kurtis Parks. Paul Wilbur. Shae Wilbur)

The Battle is Yours Video

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