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Unchanging Love by New Wine Worship

Song Information
  • Song Title: Unchanging Love (feat. Susie Woodbridge)
  • Album: Spirit Fall (Live)
  • Artist: New Wine Worship
  • Released On: 27 Jul 2014
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Unchanging Love Lyrics

Unchanging love changed everything
You made me yours
My heart was captured by Your grace
You called my name

You met me more than halfway, (Jesus)
breaking my every last chain

I'm running to Your arms again
this is where I'll remain
I'm running to Your arms again
I'll never be alone again
Never be alone again

As far as east is from the west, You banished shame
I stand forgiven, loved and blessed, now free to praise

You meet me more than halfway (Jesus)
Surprised and saved by Your grace

You tore the heavens
To reach this fragile heart of mine
Yours forever
I am precious in your eyes

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