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Alive and Free by New Life Worship

Alive and Free Lyrics

We will dance upon the chains that fall
Fall from the redeemed and ransomed souls
We will dance, we will sing
We will join hearts in unity
We will dance upon this solid ground
Holding to the promise that surrounds
Not by strength, not by sight
But by the Spirit of the living Christ

With all our hearts we will praise Him

He's alive, He's alive and I'm free
Every chain He has broken off of me
Sing it out, shout it out in victory
He's alive so we're alive and free
We're alive and free

We will sing a song upon the earth
A song of hope, a song of His great worth
Jesus lives, Jesus lives
Our redemption has been found in Him

With all our hearts
With all our hearts we will praise Him

My sin for His mercy
My shame for His grace
My pain for His freedom
He traded all my death for His life
I sing in His mercy
I dance in His grace
I live in His freedom
He paid it all so I give my all

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