Mercy's Shore Lyrics

NeedToBreathe contemporary

My arms are tired and weary 
These wounds are on full display 
I’ve tried every door in the hallway 
There’s just no where that I feel safe 

I see the light but never find the surface 
I don’t know if I can swim no more 
White knuckles and wild horses
One day we’ll wash up on mercy’s shore 
One day we’ll wash up on mercy’s shore

I’m lost in the waves that crush me
They bring discovery where darkness hides
Just over the ridge in front of you 
Another mountain that you’ll have to climb 

We’re a child in the car asleep 
In the driveway at night
 Our mother’s gonna slowly sneak
Our body inside 
We can rest in the arms of trust
There’s no way that we can say 
We’ve earned our way into light 
All we have to do to is stay 

I’ve been battling a broken heart 
Everybody knows I’m torn apart
Since I was 8 years old and I thought that 
God was a girl in my school
If we can wind up on a sandy beach
Breathing air that only death can reach
And singing songs that only heaven leaves
It’s okay with me
And God is wanting us to make believe
But knowing something is only a dream
Like the absolutes and the in-between
Are out of line, sometimes, intertwined, behind
A mind, in line, and fights that only fools are still trying to fight

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