The Love of Jesus

The Love of Jesus Lyrics

Am       F       C  
When You spoke life into the dark
Am        F         C   
You thought of me deep deep in Your heart
Am       F          C  
When You formed stars and carved out seas
Am       F            C 
You knew who my mother and father would be .

      F       C/E    
The love of Jesus makes no mistakes
      F         G   
The love of Jesus conquered my grave
         F            C/E   
There is nothing higher, there is nothing greater
      F          Am      G  
Nothin more permantly changing everything in me .

Verse 2:
Am      F         C   
When You were born that blessed night
Am     F           C  
You already chose to give me Your life
Am    F            C  
When You rose from the grave that day
Am       F      C   
You thought of me and knew saved .

It was no accident
It was Your plan
When You formed us
When You made us
  F    Gsus G
You loved us  


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