Naomi Raine - Sacrifice - Car Chat Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Sacrifice (Car Chat)
  • Album: Journey
  • Artist: Naomi Raine
  • Released On: 08 Jul 2022
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Naomi Raine Sacrifice - Car Chat

Sacrifice - Car Chat Lyrics

When you're passionate about your work, when you're passionate about your dream
That thing that gives you purpose
It's hard to be in love
And I think that the measure of true love comes when you're willing to say "no" to the work
I don't think it's extreme, but I do think that love is about sacrifice, right?
Like, so, "God so loved the world that He gave His only Son"
He sacrificed
And I think that when you're willing to sacrifice, it's an expression of true love
And, um, I think I've struggled with sacrificing work, really for anyone or anything
Even myself
And I think that when your work is ministry
When it feels so deeply rooted and connected to, to God, it's hard, um
But I'm learning how to love God and love people
And, uh, I think that second one is the harder part

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