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You, It's Only You by Mosaic MSC

Song Information
  • Song Title: You, It's Only You.
  • Album: HUMAN (Live)
  • Artist: Mosaic MSC
  • Released On: 15 May 2020
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

You, It's Only You Lyrics

I would have nothing 
If it wasn’t for You 
Beautiful one
Look where we started 
How far we’ve come 
I’m running after 
After Your love 

Leaving it all 
To take hold of You 
Love of my soul 
You and only You, it’s only You
Consumed by Your love
Wrapped in Your beauty
Love of my soul
You and only You, it’s only You

All of the good things 
Are because of You
Beautiful one
I'm just so grateful 
That You don’t give up 
I’m still running after
After Your love 

Infinite love 
Beautiful one
We lift You up 
You are so good to me 
I’ll give You everything

You, It's Only You Video

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