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Fountain (I Am Good) by Mosaic MSC

Song Information
  • Song Title: Fountain (I Am Good)
  • Album: HUMAN (Live)
  • Artist: Mosaic MSC
  • Released On: 15 May 2020
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Fountain (I Am Good) Lyrics

There is a fountain 

Wrapped in a haze of light 

Flooded with goodness 

Rushing with words of life 

They heal to the bone 

They’re sweet to my soul 

And I’m swept away 

I am good

You say I’m good 

I am worthy 


Loved by You 

This is living breathing proof

That I am chosen 


Loved by You 

I'm undone with love for You

There is a person

Light running through His hands 

Speaking with kindness 

Brimming with gentleness 

He heals to the bone 

He speaks straight to the soul 

And I’m swept away

Within all the joy 

And through all of the waiting 

I’m undone with love for You 

And I could never forget 

The spirit that changed me 

I’m undone with love for You

I’m undone with love for You

You are the Father 

Love rushing through Your veins 

Warm and devoted

Tenderness filled with strength 

And You heal to the bone 

Speak life to the soul 

And I’m swept away 

And I’m swept away

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