Michael Mahendere - Overcomer Lyrics

Contents: Song Information
  • Song Title: Overcomer (Live)
  • Album: Getting Personal with God 3 (Live)
  • Artist: Michael Mahendere
  • Released On: 29 Apr 2019
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Michael Mahendere Overcomer

Overcomer Lyrics

When l don't know what to do Lord
You open up my eyes
I see a solution
That is good enough for me

Goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life
I'm an overcomer
Jorodhani zara hako
Tanzi naMwari tiende mhiri
NaMwari tinoyambuka, tinoyambuka,
tinoyambuka, tinoyambuka, tinoyambuka
Ini ndinorarama, ndinorarama, ndinorarama, ndinorarama

No weapon formed against me shall prosper at all
I'm an overcomer
Greater is he that lives in me
Than the one who is in the world
I'm an overcomer
Ndiri munyu wenyika
Chiedza chinopenya
Ndinobudirira, ndinobudirira ndinobudirira, ndinobudirira
Ndinorarama, NaMwari ndinorarama
I shall overvome
I shall overcome
I shall overcome

Mwari makatipa simba imi
Simba heeeeee heeee rokukunda
(Ndinaro simba iro)
Simba heeee heee rokukundaa
(Ndinokunda chete)
Simba heeee heeee rokukunda
Rinokunda zvose

Yes you gave us the power
Power heee heee
To overcome
Power heee heee
To overcome
Power heee heee
To overcome
Every problem in this life

I'm a victor
I win every battle
In Jesus' name
I'm an overcomer
By you l run through a true
I lift all the walls
In Jesus' name
I'm an overcomer

I'm an overcomer ooooh yes
I declare, I'm an overcomer
In Jesus' name
Ooooh oooh yes
I declare I'm an overcomer

I declare, I'm an overcomer
I declare, I'm an overcomer
I declare I'm an overcomer
In the name Jesus

I declare I'm an overcomer
In the name of Jesus Christ

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Overcomer Song Meaning, Biblical Reference and Inspiration

**Title: Overcomer: A Song of Victory and Faith by Michael Mahendere**

The song "Overcomer" by Michael Mahendere is a powerful anthem of victory and faith that has resonated with audiences worldwide. With its uplifting lyrics and energetic melody, this song has become a source of inspiration and encouragement for many people facing challenges and obstacles in their lives.

**Understanding the Meaning of "Overcomer"**
"Overcomer" is a song that celebrates the triumph and victory of a believer in Christ. It emphasizes the power and strength that comes from having a personal relationship with God and trusting in His unfailing love. The lyrics convey a message of hope, resilience, and the assurance that no matter what difficulties we face, we can overcome them through faith in Jesus.

**The Inspiration Behind "Overcomer"**
Although specific details about the inspiration behind the song are not widely known, it is evident that Michael Mahendere wrote "Overcomer" with the intention of creating a song that would uplift and encourage believers in their daily walk of faith. The song's lyrics reflect a deep understanding of the struggles and challenges faced by Christians, and the need for unwavering faith and trust in God to overcome them.

**Bible Verses about Overcoming**
The message of overcoming adversity and finding strength in God is a recurring theme throughout the Bible. Here are a few verses that relate to the message of "Overcomer":

1. 1 John 5:4 (NIV): "For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith."

This verse reminds us that as children of God, we have the power to overcome the trials and tribulations of the world through our faith. It echoes the central message of "Overcomer" and serves as a foundation for the song's message of victory.

2. Romans 8:37 (NIV): "No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us."

This verse emphasizes that we are not just conquerors, but more than conquerors through Christ's love for us. It reinforces the idea that we have the strength to rise above any challenge we face, as expressed in the lyrics of "Overcomer."

3. Philippians 4:13 (NIV): "I can do all this through him who gives me strength."

This verse is a reminder that our strength and ability to overcome come from God. It encourages us to have confidence in His power and to persevere in the face of adversity, which aligns with the central message of "Overcomer."

**The Power of Faith in Overcoming**
One of the key themes in "Overcomer" is the power of faith in overcoming obstacles. The song emphasizes that no matter how difficult the circumstances may be, our faith in God enables us to rise above them. It encourages listeners to hold on to their faith and trust in God's unfailing love, knowing that He will guide them through every storm.

**The Lyrics of "Overcomer"**
The lyrics of "Overcomer" beautifully express the message of victory and triumph in Christ. While not all the lyrics will be included in this article due to their length, here are some key lines:

"When I don't know what to do, Lord, you open up my eyes
I see a solution that is good enough for me"

These lines acknowledge that when faced with uncertainty, God provides clarity and guidance. He reveals the solutions that are good enough for us, reminding us of His faithfulness and the confidence we can have in His plans for us.

"No weapon formed against me shall prosper at all
I'm an overcomer, greater is He that lives in me
Than the one who is in the world"

These powerful lines declare that no weapon formed against us can succeed because we are overcomers through Christ. The lyrics draw on the biblical truth that the power of Christ within us is greater than any opposition we may face.

"Overcomer" by Michael Mahendere is a song that speaks to the hearts of believers, reminding them of their identity in Christ and the power they possess through Him. The lyrics convey a message of hope, resilience, and victory, encouraging listeners to trust in God's unfailing love and overcome the challenges they face. By drawing on the timeless truths of the Bible, this song resonates with audiences worldwide, reminding them that they are overcomers through their faith in Jesus Christ.

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