Matt Boswell - O Church of Christ, Invincible Lyrics

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  • Song Title: O Church of Christ, Invincible
  • Album: Messenger Hymns, Vol. 2 - EP
  • Artist: Matt Boswell
  • Released On: 15 Apr 2015
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Matt Boswell O Church of Christ, Invincible

O Church of Christ, Invincible Lyrics

Verse 1
O Church of Christ invincible, the people of the Lord
Empowered by the Spirit's breath, and nourished by His word
His covenant of grace will be, our portion evermore
For He who called us will not change, our help and our reward

Verse 2
O chosen people called by grace, the sons of Abraham
Who walk by faith in things unseen, and on His promise stand
That ev'ry nation of the earth, will hear of boundless love
That causes broken hearts to heal, and pays our debts with blood

Verse 3
O Church of Christ in sorrow now, where evil lies in wait
When trials and persecutions come, this light will never fade
For though the hordes of hell may rage, their power will not endure
Our times are in the Father's hand, our anchor is secure

Verse 4
O Church of Christ upon that day, when all are gathered in
When ev'ry tear is wiped away, with ev'ry trace of sin
Where justice, truth and beauty shine, and death has passed away
Where God and man will dwell as one, for all eternity

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