Mark & Sarah Tillman - Found My Joy Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Found My Joy
  • Album: Morning Sun, Rising Tide
  • Artist: Mark & Sarah Tillman
  • Released On: 12 Jun 2018
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Mark & Sarah Tillman Found My Joy

Found My Joy Lyrics

You are
climbing up my mountains
Filling up my fountains
with everlasting life
You are
watering my deserts
Steering stormy weather
surpassing my night

I have found my joy
that death cannot destroy
I found my peace
that pain cannot keep
I have found life
hidden in your eyes
I have found you
what can death do?

You are
raising all my valleys
Fighting just to have me
with everlasting life
You are
calming raging seas
Singing waves to sleep
surpassing my night

This one thing I know
You are my hope
We will lift you higher
We will magnify your name

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