Lucy Grimble - Keeper Lyrics

Contents: Song Information
  • Song Title: Keeper Song Story
  • Album: Lucy Grimble Live at Burgess Barn
  • Artist: Lucy Grimble
  • Released On: 08 Nov 2019
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Lucy Grimble Keeper

Keeper Lyrics

When trouble comes and I don’t know where to run
And the fear inside my chest beats like a drum
In the grip of doubt in the depths of confusion
I cry out to where my help comes from
Pre chorus
Even in shadow
I’m not alone
The Lord is my keeper
The Lord is my keeper
He is always watching over my life

Verse 2 
And there’ll be days when I just can’t fight no more
And I will feel defeat pound at my door
Though battle scarred I know I’ll win this war
Cos on my knees I hear the lion roar

Darkness cannot stand the light of heaven
Brighter than the stars that pierce the night
Leading me from fear back to the promise
That God is always walking by my side

He is always watching over 
I’m never alone

His is the safest shadow
Under his wings I hide

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