Life Center Worship - Your Presence Surrounds Us Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Your Presence Surrounds Us
  • Album: Hope for All
  • Artist: Life Center Worship
  • Released On: 26 Jun 2020
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Life Center Worship Your Presence Surrounds Us

Your Presence Surrounds Us Lyrics

Verse 1
Where can I go
Where can I run
When you promised I’d never be alone
You know every thought
You know all my ways
I know I can trust you for all my ways

Pre Chorus
When the night is all around
In your presence I’ll be found
You’re my refuge you’re my strength
My life is in you Lord

Your presence surrounds us
You overwhelm us
Jesus, you are here
Let your love overtake us
As you embrace us
Jesus, you are here

Verse 2
You go before me
You follow behind
You knew me before the beginning of time
Oh how you love me
I can’t count the ways
Here in your presence my heart will remain

Pre Chorus 2
When the past is all I see
You remind me I am free
Every failure fades away
In the light of your presence

We stand here in awe and wonder
Your presence is like no other
Come crash in this place like thunder
We long for you
We long for you

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