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Spirit of Revival by Life Center Worship

Song Information
  • Song Title: Spirit of Revival
  • Album: Hope for All
  • Artist: Life Center Worship
  • Released On: 26 Jun 2020
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Spirit of Revival Lyrics

Verse 1               

There’s a sound rising from the ashes 

There’s a song waiting to be sung

From the heart of every generation

We wanna see a great awakening

Verse 2            

There’s a light piercing through the darkness 

There’s a love setting prisoners free

His Holy Fire is moving now among us

We’re gonna see a great awakening


Open up the heavens  

Come like a flood 

The spirit of revival 

Pour it out on us

On every son and daughter 

Let fire fall

The spirit of revival 

Pour it for all 

Verse 3        

There’s a power that cannot be defeated

There’s a name that brings the dead to life

Jesus Christ, The Hope of every nation

He is here and He’s breaking every chain

He is here and He’s breaking every chain 


Let Your Kingdom come

Let Your will be done

Here and now as it is in heaven

Set our hearts ablaze 

Spirit have your way

Fire fall afresh on us


Fill this room with an atmosphere of faith

He is here and he’s breaking every chain

Fill this room with roaring shouts of praise

He is here and he’s breaking every chain


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