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My Victory by Life Center Worship

Song Information
  • Song Title: My Victory
  • Album: Hope for All
  • Artist: Life Center Worship
  • Released On: 26 Jun 2020
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

My Victory Lyrics

Verse 1

There’s nowhere I could go you haven’t gone

No battle I could face you haven’t won 

I know that You’re for me

Your Presence surrounds me


Verse 2

I’ve seen you in the fire and the rain

I’ve found you in the struggle and the pain

I know that you’re with me

You’ll never let go of me


You are my victory 

You always go before me 

Writing my destiny 

Fighting my battles for me 

Verse 3

When the walls of doubt and fear are all around 

I’ll lift a shout and watch them hit the ground

Oh nothing can stop You 

You’re praise is my breakthrough


Let the mountains fall

Break down every wall

Awake inside of me

Faith for the unseen 

God of miracles 

All things are possible 

You’re promises are true 

You’re making all things new 

My Victory Video

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