Heavens Mutambira

Uncool Lyrics

Cover up your light
Cause what will people think
If you speak your truth
They’ll just label you
Another Jesus freak
Yeah these are the voices
That used to keep me silent
But That’s no way to live so my decision is
I’m done with the all the hiding
If it’s uncool to say I love Jesus
If it’s uncool to sing about my freedom
Then I’m cool being uncool
If it’s uncool to tell the world who saved me
I don’t care if they call me crazy
Cause I’m cool being uncool
The pressure of Opinion
Is a heavy chain to wear
But so is living with regret
So With all due respect
I don’t really care
I got this love in my heart
I got this joy in my soul
It’s too good to keep it a secret
I want the whole world to know

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