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Every Word You Breathe by Laura Story

Song Information
  • Song Title: Every Word You Breathe
  • Album: Open Hands
  • Artist: Laura Story
  • Released On: 03 Mar 2017
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Every Word You Breathe Lyrics

Speak to me my heart is open
Speak to me here in this moment

Above distraction, above the noise
God let me hear Your voice

I will trust
I will cling
To every word You breathe
Every word You breathe
I am found
My soul set free
With every word You breathe
Every word You breathe

Speak to me Your word is power
Speak to me I stand surrendered

I will not lean on the things I've known
In You I place my hope

It's water for the thirsty
Power for the weak
Shelter for the weary
Help for those in need
It's revival for the broken
It answers those who seek
With every word You've spoken
You're bringing life to me
You are bringing life to me

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