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I Am by Lakewood Church

Song Information
  • Song Title: I Am
  • Album: Live in the Wonderful
  • Artist: Lakewood Church
  • Released On: 14 Sep 2018
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

I Am Lyrics

I am the lord
The almighty God
I am the one and nothings too hard
I am the Shepherd
I am the door
I am the good news
To the bound and the poor

I am

I am the righteous one
I am the lamb
I am the ram in the bush for Abraham
I am the ultimate sacrifice for sin
I am your redeemer
The beginning and the end

I am

I am Jehovah
And I am the king
I am messiah
I am David's offspring
I am your high priest
And I am the Christ
I am the resurrection
I am the life

I am Hope
I am peace
I am joy
I am rest
I am your comfort and relief from all stress

I am Strength
I am faith
I am love
I am power
I am your freedom this very hour

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