KXC - You Hold Me Lyrics

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  • Song Title: You Hold Me - Live
  • Album: All Things New (Live)
  • Artist: KXC
  • Released On: 18 Jul 2018
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KXC You Hold Me

You Hold Me Lyrics

Verse 1
Father in me let Your will be done
From my brokenness I can't run
I throw myself upon your healing hands
Still my soul to know You'll understand
So when I'm standing in the middle of the storm
You hear my heart, You see it all
You hold me, You hold me
Lord I'm lost without Your love
I'm desperate for Your touch, You hold me
Verse 2
At the cross I see what You have won
Sacrificed Yourself for my freedom
Silently afflicted all for love
You trusted in the Father heart of God
In the darkest night there's a brilliant light
You are by my side, oh God
From the deepest seas to the highest skies
You are by my side, oh God

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