Knine - Bottom of The 9th Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Bottom of the 9th
  • Album: UnderDogg
  • Artist: Knine
  • Released On: 18 Apr 2007
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Knine Bottom of The 9th

Bottom of The 9th Lyrics

Come on baby, baby
Come on baby, baby
Come on, Come on, come on yeah
Told you I'd come through for you Knine
A little late though
Bottom of the ninth
Lets go, lets go

Verse 1
And I never been very assertive I guess always preffered to just keep my mouth shut
So alot of unspoken words are coming out now
Figured I'd speak out loud before it's too late for me to get my thoughts out, this world is so perverted from sex, greed, to murder
We been touched by the clergy and guilty's the verdict
But thank God, the high preist interceded and cleared up.

The dirt that I stirred up
It sure dosen't take alot for me to be sure of
The fact that for my sins I deserve to be murdered
But thankfully the living word is something I've heard of which means that death is something I don't gotta be scared of, I've been cured of it
Now all the years that I've wasted
And all the tears that I've tasted

Have forced me to face the truth and embrace it
Which leaves me to the question simple and basic:
What is true life and have you ever tasted it?

There's only one thing to live for, die for and kill for
And no it's not what they selling on them billboards
It is for certain you can't take a pill for
It's happening whether you will or won't ignore
Look at the signs, we're running out of time
There's work to be done it's the bottom of the ninth
Get busy hey, so get busy hey
Choose life, seek Christ and get busy hey

Verse 2
Well its the bottom of the ninth; 3 balls and 2 strikes and God's loaded the bases
So I'm going up to the plate with Satan's aces
He'll try to throw me some garbage, hoping I take it but I'm patient. He know I chased it in my past life, wanted the fast life

But I have Christ so that this brashest is ancient
Was with the Devil until I figured out what He came with, I play with the Angels now no longer a free agent

I was losing the game until he saved it
We ain't the Dodgers we the Braves
So we facing the fact that when you leave here it's only one of two places
Either you're out or you're safe its
There's no way kids should have to die

We just got to wave them home Jesus's been made the sacrifice for lives, so open your eyes coach is giving you the sign batter up game
Homie game's on the line lets go

Repeat Hook

Bridge 1
So when you're tired and low down and everything seems to go wrong, put on your rally caps and be strong. We down in the bottom of the ninth know now the one who's going to win this showdown.

So keep, keep on, keep fighting the whole round and know the same one whose faithful in His gold crown He sees ya. So get busy hey, get busy hey, He's so proud you're His own child; believe it.


Bridge 2
You only got one life to live 3x
You only got one life to give, you only got one life to lose, you got one life to choose, what you gonna live for, yeah, there's only one thing worth living for.


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