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  • Song Title: Crucify Him
  • Album: KJ-52 vs Jonah
  • Artist: KJ-52
  • Released On: 26 Jun 2022
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KJ-52 Crucify

Crucify Lyrics

I feel my chest just ache with every breath I breathe
With every step I take I feel my strength just leave
I feel I'm next to break it's getting hard to see
My death is on it's way they stop and laugh at me
They heard just what I say but as I walk these streets
They spit upon my face curse me as I bleed
But as I call Your name I know Your hearing me
So hear me as I pray but not so far from me
Father I know this day I know what You planned for me
And the reason I came it was to Earth to be
A way for those astray so they can know Your peace
So as I go to my grave I'm knowing what You hold for me
The blood runs down my face and lands upon my sleeve
I'm all alone today my friends abandon me
But still it's all the same it's prophesied to be
With final steps I make they start to scream at me

Crucify Him, crucify Him, crucify Him, crucify Him!

Cross upon my back the hill in front of me
Whips begin to lash and draw more blood from me
As I begin to gasp I see my destiny
They hold me down and laugh and place the nails on me
With every spike they grab I scream violently
With every time they jab the nails I writhe in agony
They strip me of all I have I'm naked for all to see
A king without a land and stripped of all his royalty
Nine inch nails in hands and now upon my feet
As I the Son of Man I'm hanging next to two thieves
My Father in heaven now why has Thou forsaken me
I'm barely breathing now my lungs collapse inside of me
I'm barely seeing now my vision blurs in front of me
I'm barely even now a man you'd recognize and see
I'm whipped and bruised beaten spit upon and cursed to be
I look upon the gathered crowd as they scream at me


It's getting darker now the sun it covers up its light
It's getting harder now for me to hold onto this life
I'm slipping farther now to death I struggle just to fight
My head it starts to bow I know it's just about that time
For it to be over now their life is why I've given mine
I'm barely holding now I know I'm just about to die
I came down from heaven to seek and save and just to find
See I showed them how I healed the lame and plus the blind
But I'm going now I got a purpose that's divine
As I cry out loud from the pain that just fills my mind
They tell me to climb on down from the cross that holds me high
The mock me now as I struggle now and just to try
To hold my ground as the black clouds fill the sky
It's over now, I bow my head as I begin to cry
It is, Father, It Is Finished!!


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Crucify Song Meaning, Biblical Reference and Inspiration

Crucify by KJ-52: A Deep Dive into the Lyrics, Meaning, and Biblical Analysis


Released in 2003 as part of his album "It's Pronounced 'Five Two'," this powerful song delves into the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and its significance in Christian theology. Through thought-provoking lyrics and emotional delivery, KJ-52 invites listeners to reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus and its implications for their own lives. In this analysis, we will break down the main key messages of the song chronologically, delve into its meaning and inspiration, and critically analyze its biblical alignment.

Verse 1: A Personal Reflection on Christ's Sacrifice

The song opens with KJ-52 expressing the weight he feels as he contemplates the crucifixion of Jesus. He describes the physical and emotional toll it takes on him, as he feels his strength leaving him and his life slipping away. The pain and suffering Jesus endured are vividly depicted, with KJ-52 acknowledging the mockery and abandonment Jesus faced during His crucifixion. Despite the overwhelming challenges, KJ-52 finds solace in his faith, knowing that God hears his prayers and understands his struggles.

Chorus: The Cry for Crucifixion

The chorus of the song is a powerful exclamation of the crowd's call for Jesus' crucifixion. The repetition of the phrase "Crucify Him" emphasizes the cruelty and brutality of the act. It serves as a reminder of the rejection and condemnation Jesus faced during His earthly ministry. This line is taken directly from the biblical account of Jesus' trial before Pilate, where the crowd shouted for His crucifixion (Luke 23:21).

Verse 2: The Crucifixion Scene

In the second verse, KJ-52 paints a vivid picture of Jesus' crucifixion. He describes the weight of the cross on Jesus' back as He walks towards Calvary. The whips lashing His body and drawing blood symbolize the physical torture Jesus endured. The artist highlights the humiliation Jesus experienced through being stripped naked and displayed for all to see. The mention of the nine-inch nails being driven into Jesus' hands and feet further emphasizes the excruciating pain He endured.

As KJ-52 continues his reflection, he acknowledges Jesus' divine nature as the Son of Man and the purpose of His sacrifice. Jesus came to Earth to be a way for those who were lost and astray, offering them the opportunity to know God's peace. This aligns with biblical teachings on Jesus' role as the Savior and the mediator between God and humanity (1 Timothy 2:5).

Chorus: The Cry for Crucifixion (Reprise)

The chorus is repeated, once again emphasizing the crowd's cry for Jesus' crucifixion. This repetition serves to reinforce the gravity and significance of the crucifixion event.

Bridge: The Darkness and Final Cry

In the bridge, KJ-52 describes the darkness that falls upon the land as Jesus hangs on the cross. This imagery is reminiscent of the biblical account in which darkness covered the land from noon until three in the afternoon during Jesus' crucifixion (Matthew 27:45). As Jesus nears His death, KJ-52 highlights the emotional struggle and physical exhaustion Jesus experiences. The artist portrays Jesus' final cry as He declares, "It is finished!" This phrase echoes Jesus' words on the cross, signifying the completion of His mission to bring salvation to humanity (John 19:30).

Chorus: The Cry for Crucifixion (Final Repetition)

The chorus is repeated one last time, driving home the overwhelming rejection and condemnation Jesus faced.

Meaning and Inspiration

The song "Crucify" by KJ-52 is a poignant reflection on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and its significance in Christian theology. The lyrics offer a raw and emotional portrayal of the events leading up to and during the crucifixion, allowing listeners to connect with the immense sacrifice Jesus made for humanity.

The inspiration for the song likely comes from KJ-52's own faith and his desire to communicate the profound impact of Jesus' crucifixion. By delving into the details of the crucifixion scene, the artist aims to evoke a deeper understanding and appreciation for the suffering Jesus endured on behalf of humanity. The song serves as a reminder of the immense love and grace of God in providing salvation through Jesus' sacrifice.

Biblical Analysis

From a biblical standpoint, "Crucify" aligns closely with the accounts of Jesus' crucifixion found in the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). The details described in the song, such as the crowd's cry for Jesus' crucifixion, the physical torture endured by Jesus, and His final words on the cross, closely mirror the biblical narrative.

The repetition of the chorus, with the crowd's cry of "Crucify Him," accurately reflects the biblical account in which the crowd demanded Jesus' crucifixion before Pilate (Luke 23:21). Furthermore, Jesus' declaration of "It is finished" is an exact quote from the Gospel of John (John 19:30). These biblical references lend credibility to KJ-52's portrayal of the crucifixion event.

In terms of theological alignment, "Crucify" emphasizes the central tenets of Christianity, namely the sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross for the salvation of humanity. The song captures the magnitude of Jesus' suffering and the significance of His sacrifice in reconciling humanity with God. KJ-52's lyrics also touch on the themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the role of Jesus as the mediator between God and humanity.


"Crucify" by KJ-52 is a powerful song that delves into the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and its meaning in Christian theology. Through poignant lyrics and emotional delivery, KJ-52 invites listeners to reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus and its implications for their own lives. The song's biblical alignment and theological depth make it a thought-provoking piece for Christians seeking to deepen their understanding of the crucifixion event. Ultimately, "Crucify" serves as a reminder of the immense love and grace of God in providing salvation through Jesus' sacrifice on the cross.

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