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Angels by KB

Song Information
  • Song Title: Angels (feat. Flame)
  • Album: Weight & Glory
  • Artist: KB
  • Released On: 17 Jul 2012
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Angels Lyrics

They say they goin in, rollin in, blowin stems
Hollerin yolo in a photo Benz-O
Ballin colda than a frozen gem
Hah, Hah
And the girl he with, selling soda cans she a ten
Any given night got 4 of them
Your on top of the world cuz you sold a mil
But he dont know about this other audience
This audience that watching when nobody else is watching him
They don't want yo autograph
Unimpressed with accomplishments
One day they will return with the son of man to abolish this
They know that the best men are still men, at best
They see your anti-depressents cause you so rich but you cant rest
They seen kings come and go, empires expire
Our pride to them must be insane
Dirt is wearing his pure diamonds
But it must baffle them with dirt treated like pure diamonds
They never sin but we live in it
And yet God gave us his pure finest
You wanna talk about amazing
Look we'll think you the greatest
When you get all creation together to sing your praises

Got allota money
Got allota clothes
Everybody know ya, everywhere you go
You be gettin praise all across the globe
But no, they ain't got no angels praisin him they not the man
they not the man (2x)
Cats, cats get they minds right (2x)

The richest man in the world worth 40 billion
Thats 40 billion more to me
The second man is worth 37, billion, yeah
Go and see
That's big money, thats no sin
Please dont think thats what I'm sayin
But aint no demons shuttering at them
They-they not the man
They aint never heal the sick, they aint never raise the dead
They aint feed 5 thousand with two fish and five loathes of bread
So why are ya'll big-headed, puffed up, angry
So why don't ya'll unlead, gased up, burn
It ain't never been about 'em
Gotta put em on the bottom
And they really got a problem and He put 'em on top
Forget the bottom, cause you fallen like autumn
Yet you still tryna box em
Are you ever gonna stop?
Ay KB, my prayer is that cats are made aware of his
Infinate preiminence they images its all his
They were made to reflect Him, represent and respect Him
With cars and clothes and deep thrills we choose to reject Him
He's big were small, He's creator were creation
He's God we are man, white spines fall on our face

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