Guardian God Lyrics

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Guardian God Lyrics

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Verse 1
Caught in the tension
Waiting on the promise to come
Unanswered questions
Everything within wants to run
Even in the night
Even in the quiet
Even if my eyes can’t see the light
I know
You’re so persistent
Faithful as the rise of the dawn

I lift my eyes above the trouble
Where does my help come from
My help comes from the heights of Heaven
You are my guardian God

And You are with me, with me here
You are with me, with me
You are with me, with me now
You are with me, with me

Verse 2
You are my keeper
You don’t forget or ignore
You’re my protector
You go behind and before
Nothing that I face
Nothing I will fear
Nothing in this world could stand against
So I am
Clinging to the mountain
The mountain that’s higher than I

So let Your whisper draw us closer
Let Your oil heal all brokenness
Come with comfort, Holy Spirit come
Oh Your wingspan overshadows
And Your presence fills the empty space
Come with comfort, Holy Spirit come
You will always come


Kalley Heiligenthal / Hannah Hobbs / Dean Ussher

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