Mtembe Njalo (Keep On Trusting Him)

Mtembe Njalo (Keep On Trusting Him) Lyrics

Uzokwenza akushilo 
(He will do what He said He will do) 
Mthembe njalo 
(Keep on trusting Him) 
Izwi lakhe linamandla 
(His word is powerful)  
Alijiki oh mthembe njalo 
(It doesn’t change)  
Mthembe njalo  .

Izethembiso zakhe 
(His promises) 
Zimi njalo 
(Are always there) 
Wethembisil’ ezw­ini lakhe uzokwenza 
(What He promised in His word He will do) 
Hlal’ ezwini ungasuki 
(Stick to the word and don’t shift) 
Mthembe njalo 
Mthembe njalo  .

UJesu wam 
(My Jesus) 
(Is trustworthy) 
Kholwa yena 
(Believe in Him)  
Ngaso sonk’iskhathi
(All the time) 
Mthembe njalo 
Mthembe njalo 


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