Josh Wilson - God Loves You Lyrics

God Loves You Lyrics

Hello, I hope you're doing well
Guess I'll introduce myself
I'm Josh, I grew up in Texas
Where football is god and all the rest is
Inconsequential, so essentially
There wasn't much to do for a kid like me
I wasn't strong, I wasn't quick
I tried out but never fit in

Thank God my parents saw music in me
And tried to draw it out
I took piano the 4th grade
Finally found something I could play

Dad was a Baptist preacher
Mom was a choir teacher
Better or worse, I was raised in the church
That's where I learned to hide my hurts
That's also where I learned to play
This guitar up on a stage
Now we've been to all 50 states
It's been my best friend since 11th grade

I know God's real, but I can't prove it
Somehow, when I hear music
I can feel it in my bones
And I know I'm not alone
It's why I'm playing all these shows
Spend half my year on the road
It's why I'm willing to leave my home
'Cause I want you to know

God loves you
God loves you
Did you hear me?
I'll say it clearly
God loves you
He loves you
He loves you

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