Samm Henshaw

In the Ocean Lyrics

King of glory
I just want to see you in your beauty
I was made to dwell with you forever
In the ocean of your endless love
In the ocean

God has saved me from a villain
Gotta tell the world about him
Man how ever could I doubt Him this far
I'm way too deep in His love
Lay on the sand
I just gotta sink my feet in His love
In the foot prints of life
I'll follow you all my days
I'm seeking to know you more
I wanna know all your ways
Post really you on my mind
Every night and every day
And I just wanted to say
I really wanted to say
I'm in the ocean

In the ocean (x4)

Open my eyes to see your glory
Open my eyes to see your glory God
I want to know You more

Never ending love
What a mystery
I could search you out
For all eternity
But I would never reach the end God
Oh, your love it never ends, God

I'm swimming in the ocean (in the ocean)
I'm drowning in your love, God (in the ocean)
I want to know you more, I want to know you more
(in the ocean)
I'm lost in your love, God

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