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Jesus (The Way) by Jaci Velasquez

Song Information
  • Song Title: Jesus (The Way)
  • Album: Love Out Loud
  • Artist: Jaci Velasquez
  • Released On: 18 Mar 2008
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Jesus (The Way) Lyrics

Often, I am taken by the World
It sneaks up on me
But, eventually, You draw me back
To form this clay into a masterpiece
Oh, in spite of me
You see beauty

And Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Your mercy's new every day
When my heart cries out
All it can say is
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

You direct the path that seems astray
Assuring us that we will find the way
Help us find the way

Often I am shaken by your love
Oh it releases me
From the bondage of my sin
And through the cross
adopted by your grace
You'll never turn your face
Never turn your face


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