Isi de Gersigny - Blow Spirit Blow Lyrics

Blow Spirit Blow Lyrics

I have been within the fire 
Trying to fight my way out 
Instead of looking for your face 
Within the flames 

I have been in storming seas 
Ten fold waves breaking in front of me 
I could be walking on the water 
In Your name 

Oh come and blow spirit blow 
Purify this heart and soul 
Never want to run in fear 
Come and blow in me 

Oh come and blow spirit blow 
You have come to make me whole 
And I'm walking hand in hand 
With the prince of peace 

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Blow Spirit Blow Song Meaning, Biblical Reference and Inspiration

Blow Spirit Blow: A Song of Faith and Hope


This song carries significant spiritual messages and serves as a source of inspiration for many believers. We will explore the main key messages of the song, its meaning, and analyze its biblical foundation.

I. Main Key Messages - A Journey of Faith:

"Blow Spirit Blow" takes listeners on a journey of faith, showcasing the struggles and triumphs that come with a life dedicated to following Christ. The song's lyrics, though simple, hold deep spiritual significance and can be analyzed chronologically to reveal its main key messages.

1. "I have been within the fire, Trying to fight my way out":
The opening lyrics of the song depict a challenging situation, where the singer finds themselves trapped in the fire. This can be interpreted as the trials and tribulations that believers often face in their spiritual journey. It reflects the struggle to overcome obstacles and find a way out of difficult circumstances.

2. "Instead of looking for your face, Within the flames":
Here, the singer acknowledges that during times of hardship, they may have lost sight of God's presence. Instead of seeking Him amidst the flames, they were focused on their own strength and solutions. This line emphasizes the importance of turning to God and seeking His guidance, even in the midst of adversity.

3. "I have been in storming seas, Tenfold waves breaking in front of me":
Moving forward, the lyrics describe a tumultuous experience akin to being in stormy waters with overwhelming waves crashing against the singer. This imagery illustrates the overwhelming challenges and obstacles that believers may face. It highlights the need for divine intervention and the reliance on God's power to navigate through the storms of life.

4. "I could be walking on the water, In Your name":
In this line, the singer expresses the desire to walk on water, referencing the well-known biblical account of Jesus walking on water (Matthew 14:22-33). By invoking this imagery, the song emphasizes the power of faith and the ability to overcome seemingly impossible situations through the name of Jesus. It encourages believers to trust in God's strength and step out in faith.

II. The Meaning and Inspiration:

The song "Blow Spirit Blow" carries a deeply meaningful message of faith, hope, and reliance on the Holy Spirit. It reminds listeners of the power of God's presence and the importance of seeking Him in all circumstances. While the specific inspiration or story behind the song is not readily available, the lyrics themselves reflect a personal journey of faith and the universal struggles faced by believers.

The title "Blow Spirit Blow" suggests a plea for the Holy Spirit to move and work in the life of the singer and listeners. It signifies a longing for the presence and guidance of the Spirit, acknowledging the need for divine intervention and empowerment.

III. Analyzing the Song's Biblical Foundation:

Now, let's critically analyze the biblical foundation of the song "Blow Spirit Blow". As believers, it is essential to ensure that the messages we embrace align with the teachings of the Bible. By examining the lyrics and comparing them to biblical principles, we can determine the song's biblical accuracy.

1. The Fire and Trials:
The Bible is replete with references to trials and tribulations that believers may face. James 1:2-4 teaches that trials produce perseverance and maturity in faith. Additionally, 1 Peter 1:6-7 encourages believers to rejoice in trials, as they refine and purify their faith. Therefore, the depiction of being in the fire aligns with biblical teachings regarding the refining nature of trials.

2. Seeking God's Face:
In Psalm 27:8, David implores God, saying, "My heart says of you, 'Seek his face!' Your face, Lord, I will seek." This verse emphasizes the importance of seeking God's presence and guidance. The song acknowledges the need to focus on God's face amidst the flames, aligning with the biblical principle of seeking God in all circumstances.

3. Walking on Water:
The phrase "I could be walking on the water, In Your name" alludes to the story of Peter walking on water toward Jesus (Matthew 14:22-33). This account highlights the power of faith in Jesus' name. While Peter initially walked on water, his doubt caused him to sink. Nonetheless, the song's message of stepping out in faith and relying on Jesus aligns with the biblical account.


"Blow Spirit Blow" by Isi de Gersigny is a profound and faith-inspiring song that resonates with believers on their spiritual journey. Its main key messages chronologically depict the struggles and triumphs of a life dedicated to following Christ. The song's meaning revolves around faith, hope, and the desire for the Holy Spirit's presence and guidance. By analyzing its biblical foundation, we find that the song aligns with several biblical principles, emphasizing the importance of seeking God's face, relying on His strength, and stepping out in faith. "Blow Spirit Blow" serves as a powerful reminder to believers to trust in God's power and seek His presence in all circumstances.

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