Influence Music + Melody Noel - Mistakes Lyrics

Mistakes Lyrics

Verse 1
You saw what You had made
Said it was good
The Crown of all creation
Made to look like heaven should
We were the perfect picture in Your frame
Then entered fear and shame to turn
Our colors into grey
Ohhhhh, Ohhhh

In paradise left standing in our mess
We heard Your voice and ran to cover up
Our nakedness
We couldn’t clean it up, we tried our best
The accuser pointed fingers
Questioning our worthiness

But You don't see me different
I am Your reflection

You don't make mistakes
And You didn't start with me
Even though I’m far from where I know
I’m supposed to be

You don't make mistakes
And heaven would agree
That in Your eyes
I’m everything that I was made to be
Cause’ You don't make mistakes
No, You don’t mistakes

We look to every face to feel approved
We long for validation
That already came from You
You wrapped Yourself in skin
To give us proof
Your love it never ended
You needed us to know the truth




I won’t waste another day
Believing words You didn’t say

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