Housefires - Open Space Lyrics

Contents: Song Information
  • Song Title: Open Space (feat. Kirby Kaple)
  • Album: Housefires V (Live)
  • Artist: Housefires
  • Released On: 12 Jul 2019
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Housefires Open Space

Open Space Lyrics

Pull me in closer
Close to your heart 
May I be a pure reflection of all you are
Love that is patient
Love that is kind
Love that keeps no offenses or wrongs in mind
Make me like Jesus
Make me like Jesus 

My heart is an open space
For you to come and have your way 
I'm open
I'm open

Verse II:
You're Faithful to find me right where I am
Even in my wandering you call me friend 
Mercy receives me
Lifts me to my feet
And I'm caught up in the wonder and mystery
Of knowing Jesus
Of knowing Jesus

Do whatever you want to do
Say whatever you want to say 
Move however you want to move
Change whatever you want to change

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