Housefires - Green Pastures Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Green Pastures (feat. Stefan Cashwell)
  • Album: Housefires VII (Live)
  • Artist: Housefires
  • Released On: 25 Jun 2021
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music Amazon Music
Housefires Green Pastures

Green Pastures Lyrics

 When I feel alone, I’m never alone,
You are right beside me
Standing in the fire and with the ashes
You make something beautiful

No matter where I go 
You've already been
There is no shadow you aren't standing in
I wont fear tomorrow
You know what lies ahead.
Green pastures, still waters, are your promises.

You are God with me, Emmanuel 
Beginning to the end 
When you whisper peace, you still my heart 
The power of your presence, it is revealed

Lord take my broken cup and fill me with your love
Only you can make me whole again,
Only you can make me whole again

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