Hillsong - Free To Dance Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Take Me
  • Album: The Worshipper's Collection, Vol. 1
  • Artist: Hillsong
  • Released On: 28 Feb 2008
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Hillsong Free To Dance

Free To Dance Lyrics

This song in my heart
This song in my soul
This song I was born to sing
It's Your song of freedom
Now I'm free to dance again

I'll sing in the darkness
I'll laugh in the rain
Rejoice in Your love again
It's Your song of freedom
Now I'm free to dance again

Your Spirit brings me liberty
Your breath of life has set me free

Jesus Your love it lifts me high
Gives me reason to run this race with joy
This song within me Lord
Will bless Your holy Name

Jesus I'll dance before Your throne
Bring this heavenly sound to You alone
This song within me Lord
Will bless Your holy Name

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Free To Dance Song Meaning, Biblical Reference and Inspiration

Free To Dance Lyrics -  Hillsong


Hillsong Worship, a well-known Christian music group, released the song "Free To Dance" on their album "By Your Side" in 1999. This powerful worship song has resonated with believers around the world, encouraging them to express their freedom in Christ through dance and joyful praise.

Key Messages of the Song

The song "Free To Dance" carries several key messages that are expressed through its lyrics. Let's examine these messages chronologically to gain a deeper understanding of their significance.

Verse 1:
"This song in my heart, This song in my soul, This song I was born to sing, It's Your song of freedom, Now I'm free to dance again"

The opening lines of the song highlight the individual's personal experience of having a song of freedom in their heart and soul. This freedom is attributed to God, who has set them free to dance again. The emphasis here is on the liberation and joy that comes from knowing and experiencing God's freedom in their lives.

"Your Spirit brings me liberty, Your breath of life has set me free"

The pre-chorus further emphasizes that the source of this freedom is the Holy Spirit. It is through the Spirit's work in their lives that they have been liberated and set free. This message aligns with the biblical teaching that the Holy Spirit brings freedom and empowers believers to live in accordance with God's will (2 Corinthians 3:17).