Faithful To Us Lyrics

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Faithful To Us Lyrics

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Verse 1
Fear and shame dissolved in your perfect love for me
Your presence Lord is all I need
God I long to walk in the light of who you are
So show me the way to your heart
Break down the walls in this heart

Our praise goes up, the walls come crashing down
Mountains they bow and tremble at your name
God you are good everlasting
Faithful to us
Never failing

Verse 2
When weakness overwhelms me
I know that you are strong
So let strength arise in this heart
Lord you are my portion in you my heart’ secure
I find all I need in your arms

Though my soul grow weary
Though my body may grow tired
Still let praise be my confession
In my dark and weary nights
Till I see you in your glory
Till I meet you face to face
Let this heart be ever praising
Bringing glory to your name

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