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Grace Alive by Noel Robinson

Song Information
  • Song Title: Grace Alive
  • Album: I Surrender
  • Artist: Noel Robinson
  • Released On: 04 Oct 2019
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Grace Alive Lyrics

I'm living by the grace that You give

I'm living by the blessings that You bring

Every favour poured out on my life

It's Your grace alive

I'm living by the mercy that You give

Renewed in everyday, Lord, that I live

In every breath and moment that I breathe

It's Your grace alive

I shall not die but declare and live

This praise, Lord, I will bring

I shall not die but live

Take this life an offering

Your grace covers me

Mercy for all to see

I’m alive, living in a brand new way

Every day, every day

I know if it wasn't for Your grace

If Your mercy wasn't poured out now

I would be a sinner that was lost

So glad You paid the cost

Let grace abound

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