Godfrey Birtill - God Help Us Lyrics

God Help Us Lyrics

What we thought was liberation
Has ended up being a noose
And the 'free love' revolution
Has seen a wave of evil loosed
We used to ridicule Mary Whitehouse
O we thought we were being so funny
Now pornography's flooded the system
As if we never saw it coming!

God Help us...
What a terrible mess we're in
God Help us...
What a terrible mess we're in.

Occultic influence in our government
We've got the breakdown of the family
We've watched the discipline disappearing
And blown away most moral boundaries
We've let political correctness
Close down the voice of sanity
They say evil only triumphs
When good men do nothing

We've got to raise the Standard
We've got to lift up Jesus.
We want to see Goodness, Wholeness,
Righteousness, and Faithfulness,
Kindness, Loveliness,
Holiness, and Godliness.

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