Glen Campbell - Only One Life Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Only One Life
  • Album: Wings of Victory
  • Artist: Glen Campbell
  • Released On: 28 May 2014
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Glen Campbell Only One Life

Only One Life Lyrics

Only one life
Just a tiny spark
But now that he is gone
I am somewhere in the dark

If there are ten million men
On this planet, tell me then
How could only one life
Leave such a mark on me?

One life, how could I have known?
One life could be such a part of me
As precious as my own
Only one life

Only one life, what does it mean?
It's only birth and death
And everything between

If livin' is a pointless truth
Just existence, nothing more
Why does only one life
Leave such an empty space?

One life, make it right or wrong
One life, take the love I can't replace
That always will be known to only one life

Just another sore monsoon here
So who cares if one should fall?
There were small world full of magic when he
Touched the wall, we change it all
With only one life

We only have once chance to find
But if we live it right
All we need is one life to make a difference here
One life, it's such a small amount

One life to say we care to make it clear
We have to make it count, once and for all
With only one life
Only one life

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