Gideon Roberts + Abbie Simmons - My Favorite Lyrics

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  • Song Title: My Favorite (feat. Gideon Roberts & Abbie Simmons)
  • Album: My Favorite (Live From South Eden) [feat. Gideon Roberts & Abbie Simmons] - Single
  • Artist: Gideon Roberts
  • Released On: 18 Sep 2020
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music Amazon Music
Gideon Roberts  My Favorite

My Favorite Lyrics

Verse 1  
My favorite thing about you is your peace
Resting like a dove upon me
Painting every promise, chasing every fear
My favorite thing to know is that you’re here 

Verse 2  
I love the way you’re faithful to me
You don’t run away you never leave
Constant through the changes,  steady in the storm
My favorite thing to know is that I’m yours

You are a father, You are the God who sees,
Moved by compassion, and you’ve chosen me
You’re like no other, Perfect in Majesty
Beauty’s Creator And, you’ve chosen me

Now I am yours a former captive free
Adopted, called your own, your family

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