Pray - Pray For Nigeria

Pray - Pray For Nigeria Lyrics

It's GentleStar crazy beatz
Already know
GentleStar ah
Redefine Music .

I pray for my country eh
Oh... I pray
I pray for Nigeria oh
Eh... I pray
Oluwa go help us eh
Oh... I pray
We no go de suffer oh
Eh... I pray
(2x) .

Verse 1:
Nigeria my country
We been no dey like this oh
I no know wetin dey happen oh
Oluwa please restore us
(2x) .

Oh I go fly away
Fly away, fly away
And I go fine my way
Fine my way, fine my way
Where I go stay to pray
Oh da da da da da
So that hustle go pay .

Oluwa favour ur children .

Verse 2:
See me now I don dey blow
Everywhere na my name dey sing
GentleStar dey give dem hit
Dj put it on replay .

Repeat Bridge .

Dey say we local
Dey talk say we lazy
Dey bring transformation
Abi na transmision
E fit be transtion
Dey dey cause e confusion
With this condition
I must get my manssion .

Repeat Bridge .

Verse 3:
Calabar we dey (We dey)
Akwa ibom nyin we dey (We dey)
Nigeria we dey (We dey)
Affrica we dey (We dey)
Udom Emmanuel you dey (You dey)
Our women dem dey (Dem dey)
Ibang ino uyio ise oh
Uh uh uh uh uh uh .

Repeat Chorus & Bridge .

Eyen nek unek
Oh oh
It's Strategy Mix .


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