Dr Tumi - Wafika Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Wafika
  • Album: The Gathering of Worshippers - Beauty for Ashes (Live at the Voortrekker Monument)
  • Artist: Dr Tumi
  • Released On: 02 Nov 2018
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Dr Tumi Wafika

Wafika Lyrics

Wafika (written by Dr Tumi) .

Had been longing for a while
Nothing else could ever satisfy. 
A thirst that no one else ...could quench 
An emptiness That I could never fill.   .

Wafika kimi Ngathol’ uk’uphil’ okunguna phakade (You arrived and I found eternal life)
Wangiphefumlela Ngathol’ Uk’phil’ emthonjeni wakho (You arrived and I found life from your well) .

Troubled heart and troubled mind 
Didn’t know who’d come and save my life
Had no rest I didn’t have joy
I was lost I didn’t even know .

Ngiyabonga (Thank you)
Moyo ‘ingcwele (Holy Spirit)
Wafika kimi (You arrived)
Ngathol’ uk’uphil’ okunguna phakade (I found eternal life) .

Ke a leboga (Thank you)
Wafihla gonna (You arrived)
Ka hwetja bophelo bosafeleng (I found eternal life) .

Wafika means He arrived and it is centered around having received eternal life from that. written and translated by Dr Tumi the lyrics and translations.

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Wafika Lyrics -  Dr Tumi

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