Donald Lawrence - These Nails Lyrics

These Nails Lyrics

Verse: Right after I--First believe
The cross followed me---yes it did
And right after I---first received
The cross followed me---I know it did
For Christ has nailed my hands
And Christ has nailed my feet
I'm crucified with Christ
And these nails keep holdin' me--yeah
Oooh--There were some things---I wanted to do
But I couldn't do---Because I love'em too much
And there were some pla-places I wanted to go
But I couldn't go--because I love'm too much
My love for him so strong
It hurts every time I do wrong

Chorus: I'm crucified with Christ and these nails
keep holdin' me

No it's not I---but it's Christ who lives in
me---i'm not my own---Christ---bought
with a price---paid my price---who gave
his life---what a sacrifice

Ending Chorus: These nails---these nails---
these nails keep holdin' me--
i'm crucified

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