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This Is for You by David Dunn

Song Information
  • Song Title: This Is for You
  • Album: David Dunn - EP
  • Artist: David Dunn
  • Released On: 09 Aug 2009
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

This Is for You Lyrics

I'm closing my eyes
To beautiful faces
I'm bailing the ship
To new places
I'm doing all I can to keep myself locked in my own cage
I'm hitting the snooze
On a perfect morning
I give up adventure
And go for the boring
I don't like who I am, but I wont take the step I want to take
I'm anyone an everyone who settle for a life they never wanted to live
I'm everything you hated everything you never wanted anyone to know you'd become
This is for you
You who are afraid to be you
This is for you
I stay on the beach
I wont go in the water
I wont take the chance
On what I've been offered
I'm doing all I can to play it safe and make sure that I'm comfortable

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